Graeme Jones heaps praises on Gareth Barry

Graeme Jones has been active in Football management for over 10 years in the capacity of an assistant and has worked with different teams in England over this period, where he has come across various talented players, but one player who has stood out for him during his time as an assistant manager is Gareth Barry who is plying his trade at West Bromwich Albion at the moment.

Jones had the opportunity to see Barry from close quarters when the two of them were at Everton and the former says that the way Garry approaches the game, the kind of professionalism he shows; it’s absolutely fantastic.

According to Jones, it’s very hard to keep the emotions in check as a Football player, but nobody does it better than Barry. He has got such enormous control over his sentiments. He doesn’t go over the top with his emotions and he doesn’t go into his shell either. He is always the same whether he is winning or losing, whether he is performing well or not.

“Jones also talked about the fact that despite being in his late thirties now“ and being a veteran of the game having already achieved a lot in his career, Barry’s intensity in training has still not come down which is commendable. The amount of work he puts in the training sessions today is the same he used to put 10 years back. Even at this stage of his career he wants to improve “which is something to“ learn for each and every player playing the game.

“He’s had a fantastic career. He’s 37 years old and he still pushes himself. It’s a lesson for everybody.” Jones was quoted saying by HITC.
“He’s the most consistent professional I’ve ever worked with. His emotional control is what’s impressive about Gareth. He never gets too high, never gets too low.” Jones added.